Treasury Software


Treasury Software

Treasury Software seeks to re-create three existing how-to promotional videos covering the following software:

  1. ACH Universal

  2. Bank Positive Pay

  3. Bank Rec

The purpose of each video is to educate the viewer on each software and guide them toward downloading the software for corporate and professional use.

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Screenshot of Existing Videos Page

Screenshot of Existing Videos Page

Inspiration Collage

Inspiration Collage


By using creative film techniques, animated text & screen capture, and actors who help connect with the audience, Treasury Software will be able to modernize their three existing videos whilst still keeping relevant information and major points at the center of each video. The audience will gain insight into each software & service and be guided toward signing up for software registrations.



The purpose for the videos is to:

  • Educate the viewer on what each software does

  • Provide access to the ACH network

  • Help the customer save money on transactions

  • etc.



$3425.00 (est.)

  • $2400.00 - 4 Hour Production (filming)

  • $0.00 - First 5 Hours of Editing (included)

  • $625.00 - 5 Additional Hours ($125 / hour) - est. 10 total hours of editing will be needed for this project

  • $400.00 - 2 Actors (Male and Female, $200 / actor)

  • $0.00 - 3 Music Tracks (included)

  • $??? - Location (potentially Gather in Short Pump)

  • 3 Videos (1 per software)

  • Copy of All Footage


Next Steps

When you are ready to move forward the following items will become our next steps!

  1. Sign a Contract / Make a 50% Deposit on the Estimated Total.

  2. Schedule a 1-2 Hour Consultation for Journey Seven to learn more about each software.

Thank You!

We appreciate you! Helping businesses like yours is why we exist, so we thank you for giving us the potential opportunity to work with you.

Please contact James Lee if you have any questions.

(804) 537-0777